In the dark, fascination is born, love and curiosity is a situation where you cannot keep everything under control, because the mystery is dark, it is able to make us fly where you no longer see anything, only what you have in mind .
All my creations are designed and created by hand, designed by hand because there is no sketch, the mind creates the hands sew, each headgear has a name, like each of us, it is unique and unrepeatable.
I define myself as a creative, capable of connecting the experiences lived and synthesizing them into new things.
It could be DNA, growing in one of the temples of fabrics, in Turin, Provasoli Tessuti, founded in 1952, developing an obsessive passion for silk velvet, fascination for touch, duchess, reflected light, lace, sumptuous femininity, so as to become a self-taught headdress creator, to enhance the look, but not always looking is understanding,
if you look carefully at my works, you can find who I am and what I want to communicate
Dark .


Silvio Porzionato was born in Moncalieri (TO-Italy) in 1971. He is a figurative painter who prefers oil painting on canvases of
large size using photographs taken of friends and people he met on the street who inspired him. His figures depicted in close-up statuary, despite being ordinary people have the strength to make us forget the private dimension typical of the portrait and at the same time have the power to become icons of the human race.
After an artistic high school diploma, he worked on design for an important Turin company for a decade, then decided to start a new life in the silence of the land of Roero (CN), in close intimate contact with nature and art.
It was a revelation that will immediately lead him to be noticed in the various national awards. After only one year he is selected for the Art Award Mondadori and in 2010 he won the critics’ prize at Saluzzo Arte and created a permanent work for the Museum of Urban Art of Turin.
In 2011 he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale exhibiting both inside the Piedmont regional pavilion and in the Italian Pavilion in Turin. In 2013 he created 3 “Codice Tempale” installations with 112 panels for the MACS (Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicila), almost a gallery of mirrors reflecting the various ages of man from infancy to old age, all of the same intensity and significance. His latest group and solo exhibitions have been held in Hong Kong, Miami, Chicago, London, Paris, Bogotá, New York and Istanbul.


After attending the J. Ottolenghi Art Institute in Acqui Terme, he choose an older path linked to the workshop, beginning to attend, at a very young age, the studios of the artists who worked at that time at the Psychiatric Hospital of Genoa Quarto. Ruben found his artistic vein by dedicating himself to clay modeling, mold making and experiments in ceramics and iron.
After the restoration of the Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun ​​in Manhattan he learns and deepens the technique of Gypsum-Marble, used in 1600 to reproduce marble with gypsum.
Among the most important exhibitions Sacred Love and Profane Love in Genoa Curated by Viana Conti The Road Contemporary Art in Rome with the work “Cenacolo”, Brume Spazio Lucio Fontana in Albissola Marina and Resurrexit in Conzano curated by Carlo Pesce. Secret at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, curated by Bruna Solinas. In recent years, he has participated in more than fifty events and fairs, including, in May, the prestigious Kunstart in Bolzano and in 2011 the 54th Venice Biennale, Italy Pavilion, Piedmont region. He has curated the sets for musical authors such as Vinicio Capossela (Sailors, Whales and Prophets) and solo shows and the bubble tour for MGZ. For the theater, he oversaw the scenography of the shows Macchia Nera by Francesca Sangalli, Macbeth by Jurij Ferrini, Istanbul Beat by Aleph Viola and Deniz Ozdogan and collaborated with the Teatro della Tosse with the masks for “the builders of empires” and “Orfeo Rave” by Emanuele Conte.
Lives and works in Genoa.
President of the cultural association “Spaziolomellini17” has organized concerts and artistic events in the last 5 years.


Max Petrone is an Italian well-rounded painter, whose works have been exhibited from the Venice Biennale, to both Italian and International Art Galleries. Whoever is from or has dropped by the city of Turin has most likely already bumped into one of his paintings in a gallery, in a movie theater, in restaurants or shops, as well as might have attended one of his live performance, or spotted one of his t-shirt in the crowd. Max’s style is unique and characterized by disruptive colors and resolute signs. Max Petrone is one of the leading personalities of the innovative Italian emerging painting scene. His dream has always been to draw, create and communicate through his art. This dream has become real by his ability of mixing various techniques and experimenting with new styles continuously. Max uses different painting techniques such as oils, sprays, acrylics; as well as expresses himself with graphics, videos and revisiting design objects by painting them with a unique and unmistakable style.






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    BUIO ART GALLERY Among the numerous artistic attractions of the city of Turin, in the very center, there is BUIO. Artist’s workshop equipped with an exhibition space for their works, for the paintings of the artists Silvio Porzionato and Max Petrone, and for the sculptures of the artist Ruben Esposito. The gallery has its own…